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Updated: Mar 5, 2023

So after much research and consideration I finally made the jump this week and purchased my new electric bike, from Moynan's in Nenagh. Over the last few months many hours were spent online gathering information about power outputs, assist levels and estimated range. The bike I finally opted for is the Giant Explore, one of the few models I could find that is possibly capable of covering the 120km route around Lough Derg on a single charge, while comfortably carrying my camera gear. There will be plenty more about this impressive machine in subsequent posts, much more! The story doesn't start here however, for that we need to go back to 1914. Moynan's Bike Shop opened in Nenagh 8 years before the establishment of the Irish Free State and three generations later remains a thriving business, a wonderful tribute to the current owners, Pete and Dave.

My own connection with the shop goes back to the late 1940's when my mother moved from Broadford in Co. Clare as housekeeper for the late Fr. John Cooney. Apparently part of the deal negotiated in the move was the offer of a bike to enable her to cycle back to Broadford to visit her family. The bike was bought in Moynan's, from the grandfather of the current owners. I believe the 45km journey home was taken quite regularly on a heavy bike, while attired I'm sure in her best shoes, dress and coat! (shades of Seamus Heaney's "but I've no spade to follow a man like that" come to mind!)

By complete coincidence my mother's first job was in Tierney's Bike Shop in Ennis, a shop that also still stands today and retains the original Raleigh branding. I've little doubt that it was the experience gained here that led her to subsequently run her own shop in Coolbawn for 53 years.

Collecting my e-bike from Pete and Dave this week then felt like the wheels had gone full circle. It also reminded me yet again of the importance of our local shop. Supporting local businesses cuts both ways, having bought locally I in return have the assurance of being supported should any issues arise with the bike.

In subsequent blogs I hope to write more about the bike and its performance coupled with my adventures along the way. So that's it, I'm fully charged and ready to go...

My new Giant Explore e-bike (in its forever home in Coolbawn!)

Tierney's Bike Shop in Ennis.

Dave and Pete Moynan outside their Nenagh premises.

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